by Sonne T. Hart on February 12, 2013

Today is an exciting day.  My book FOREVER is live on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and Author House’s online bookstores.

The blogs I wrote when Heroes was going through the submission process, then to the art department and finally production told you a bit about how publishing a book comes together. The pros and cons, the highs and the lows and then the excitement of seeing my manuscript turn into a bound book with a beautiful book jacket.  People say you can’t tell a book by its cover, but in the case of Heroes and Forever I think the cover tells a story of its own.

For Heroes the desert scene on the book cover showed in picture Hawk’s decision to walk across the desert to freedom. When you look at the unforgiving desert scene you can almost see the pitfalls that he will surely endure.

The beautiful jacket and cover of FOREVER conveys a romantic story in flowers; if you look closely you’ll see that lilacs and roses form a heart with the word FOREVER inside.  When you turn to the first page you will see the words of Arthur L. Gillom; perhaps the greatest love poem of all time. His prose explains the feelings of my two main characters, Harrison and Raven. It was love at first sight for these two, they wanted one another forever.


I want you when the day is at its noontime,

Sun-steeped and quiet, or drenched with sheets of rain;

I want you when the roses bloom in June-time;

I want you when the lilacs come again.

Love at first sight, is it real? Does it last? Have you ever experienced, or had a friend or a relative who experienced love at first sight?

Raven and Harrison did just that. Raven walked into the room and there he stood.  Their eyes met and in that very moment she knew, she would love and want him forever.  The meeting had the same effect on Harrison. This is their story about love at first sight, a love destined to be one that lasted FOREVER.

Forever had more than a few bumps along the road of life. Due to circumstances caused by Harrison’s cruel and manipulative father, the couple was torn apart for more than twenty years; trying to find each other proved futile and life went on.  For over twenty years they lived their lives without each other.  One married and one didn’t.  Raven had a daughter and Harrison, a son by his deceased wife.

So cruelly separated for two decades, what will happen when their worlds collide once again? Harrison is a United States Governor who hates doing magazine interviews, so why suddenly does he agree to do one for a British magazine?

Raven is a noted journalist, working mainly in England. Her boss wants her to come to the USA; it seems as though a certain Governor wants to do an interview for Raven’s magazine, Life Styles.  Raven refuses to come to the States to interview a governor or anyone else. She tells her boss no way, there’s too many memories there.

Harrison’s son and Raven’s daughter are going to the same university.  When they run into each other in the campus bookstore, books fly and so do sparks; It’s chemistry, but not the kind found in a lab or in a text book.

Go to Amazon, Barnes & Nobel or Author House’s online book stores now. FOREVER can be downloaded on your Kindle or Nook. If you’re like me and still like to hold a book while you’re reading the story, you can buy it in Hard Back or Soft Cover.

If you would like to read Arthur L. Gillom’s poem in its entirety you can find it on the internet. Due to copyright policies I was unable to use all of Mr. Gillom’s beautiful words.


by Sonne T. Hart on February 1, 2013

May 19, 2011 my first book HEROES went to the publisher. The galleys came, I proofed them and the book went to production. At that time I told you a bit about galleys, what they were and why the need for them. To refresh your memory a bit, I will tell you the need for galleys is just as great the second time around as it was the first time.  Galleys give the author one last chance to correct and/or change a line or a word, take out or add something they might have forgotten.

These changes are not only for the text but for the book jacket and trade paperback cover as well. As usual I found a couple of errors, actually four; one theirs and three were mine.  At this point I should say, “Friends, if you find an error of any kind when you read the book please let me know.”

I must give my editor, Lisa Capehart kudos. She not only formatted and edited FOREVER; bless her heart, this time she had to type every word from a printed hard copy; all the while looking for errors, misspelled words, deleting commas( I love commas) when not needed and sundry other things. Thank you so much, Lisa.

Due to a great production and design consultant, Tim Mendoza, my second manuscript made its trip to the press much sooner than the first one. The understanding between author and designer was keener, there were no questions about the font; it was perfect first time round. With mild tweaking the book jacket was flawless, the cover beautifully and softly done depicting the romantic story within perfectly.

Forever is a story about star-crossed lovers who meet, fall in love at first sight and vow to be together forever. Due to circumstances beyond their control forever doesn’t last. Find out what happens when twenty years later they meet again.

You won’t be sorry, I promise,






by Sonne T. Hart January 20, 2013

My new book, FOREVER, has been submitted to the publisher as of today (Friday, January 18, 2013) and should go to the production department Monday. I must say it’s exciting and a little daunting to face once again the work process which goes into publishing a book. I really thought after having one manuscript published […]

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by Sonne T. Hart January 3, 2013

Let me start out by wishing a very Happy New Years to all my friends who faithfully visit my web site and check out my Facebook page. I wonder how many of you make New Year’s resolutions.  In years past I’ve done that very thing only to break them at some time during the year. […]

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New Book – FOREVER

by Sonne T. Hart December 24, 2012

My new book “Forever” is almost ready to go to print.  Before I send it off I wanted to tell you a little bit about my two main characters who’ve become my friends. I’ve cried for them and hoped for them, lost sleep for them and prayed they could be happy.  What happened to them, […]

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by Sonne T. Hart January 1, 2012

In 2003 my husband, Bill and I retired and moved to the West Coast of Florida. At this point we sold our house and began our adventure as high rise condo owners which we both love.  Our condo is located on the sixth floor of a seven story building, which we also love. By now […]

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by Sonne T. Hart December 24, 2011

A timeless answer to the age-old question   The following is probably the most famous editorial of all time.  It was written by Francis Pharcelllus Church and first appeared in The New York Sun on September 21, 1897.  It’s my pleasure to reprint this letter from a little girl who asks a question that many […]

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by Sonne T. Hart November 15, 2011

If you think bullying is something new, then think again.  This form of meanness has been going on in one form or the other for years.  Perhaps the reason so many believe this is something that is happening only in this generation is because we hear about it 24/7 on the spot news casting by […]

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by Sonne T. Hart October 18, 2011

This is for everyone out there who has had to leave home for the first time;  some of you because you wanted to and others of you who had no choice. Let me start by telling you this story is about my paternal grandmother (Minnie May) whom I always called Ma Maw as did all […]

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HEROES (Come In Every Shape and Size)

by Sonne T. Hart October 3, 2011

Heroes – Have you ever thought exactly what and/or who a hero really is?  What does he or she do that makes them a hero?  I think the old song by Paul Overstreet pretty much tells the story of a real live hero.  “He drives into the city He works hard every day He finishes […]

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