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Based on a true story, this first novel by Sonne T. Hart, tells the exciting tale of a daring escape from Kuwait, after the invasion by Iraq and prior to Operation Desert Storm. Interwoven with romance, intrigue and faith, Heroes is a page-turner you won’t want to put down!


Hawk and Ali have a common goal: Get out of Kuwait…alive! Using ingenuity and perseverance, they succeed in making their way through war-torn Kuwait and over a treacherous desert to Jordan, a feat that Saddam Hussein deemed impossible. When they arrive, one lands in jail and the other boards a plane to the United States.

Reporter, Nicole Summers, on vacation in South Carolina, gets a call from her boss at The Dallas Daily News. Hussein has released a plane load of women and children who are due to land in Charleston and he wants the scoop.

Nic climbs atop a desk to get a better look at the passengers at the arrival gate. Losing her balance, she falls into the arms of the lone male passenger. The sparks fly! Little do they know, these sparks are only the beginning of the adventures to come.

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