May 19, 2011 my first book HEROES went to the publisher. The galleys came, I proofed them and the book went to production. At that time I told you a bit about galleys, what they were and why the need for them. To refresh your memory a bit, I will tell you the need for galleys is just as great the second time around as it was the first time.  Galleys give the author one last chance to correct and/or change a line or a word, take out or add something they might have forgotten.

These changes are not only for the text but for the book jacket and trade paperback cover as well. As usual I found a couple of errors, actually four; one theirs and three were mine.  At this point I should say, “Friends, if you find an error of any kind when you read the book please let me know.”

I must give my editor, Lisa Capehart kudos. She not only formatted and edited FOREVER; bless her heart, this time she had to type every word from a printed hard copy; all the while looking for errors, misspelled words, deleting commas( I love commas) when not needed and sundry other things. Thank you so much, Lisa.

Due to a great production and design consultant, Tim Mendoza, my second manuscript made its trip to the press much sooner than the first one. The understanding between author and designer was keener, there were no questions about the font; it was perfect first time round. With mild tweaking the book jacket was flawless, the cover beautifully and softly done depicting the romantic story within perfectly.

Forever is a story about star-crossed lovers who meet, fall in love at first sight and vow to be together forever. Due to circumstances beyond their control forever doesn’t last. Find out what happens when twenty years later they meet again.

You won’t be sorry, I promise,