HEROES   BOUND INTO A BOOK – four of the most beautiful words in Webster’s.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011, the author’s copy of the softback version of HEROES was waiting at my door step.  I’ve got to tell you there was major excitement at this writer’s (oops, make that author’s) house.  I’ve been told that we’re only mere writers until the moment we’ve been published. Then we become full-fledged authors.  Yea!!

On Wednesday July 20, 2011, I received the author’s copy, (the very first copy off the press) of HEROES in all its hardback glory adorned in the most beautiful book jacket imaginable with every word, every image, every color just right.

I must give credit to everyone who helped with designs and photos and thank them all immensely for all the hard work that went into creating the perfect jacket for HEROES to wear for the its first appearance.

To: Michael Colemire – for my wonderful and thoughtful Logo.

Willie Arrowood – for such an interesting & unique trailer & for the creative scene for the books’ cover.

Lucy Millsap  -  for making me look so good in the authors photograph.

At this time, I want to thank Author House Publishers for all the time and effort they’ve poured into HEROES, plus add a special thanks to the Author House Art Department for taking all these ideas, and adding their own to create such a beautiful book cover, one of which I’m very proud.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to give a special thank you to my daughter, Lisa Capehart – for a lovely and creative website.  This beautifully done and special site gave me the opportunity to tell all my friends and visitors to the blog about HEROES and its journey to the publishers.

And, for each one of you out there who journeyed  with me and encouraged me along the way I send a Ginormous Thank You!

I’m excited to tell you that HEROES is now available to purchase. I hope all who have been on this fantastic trip with me for the past several months as well as my new friends on Facebook and the Sonne T. Hart website will check out the trailer, find it interesting and will give HEROES a try.


You can buy HEROES for your e-book reader, in paperback or in hardback at the following websites: AuthorHouse Publishers, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders and Books-A-Million. If you’d like an autographed copy, contact me! And, please ask your local bookstore and library to order copies!

One response to “HEROES – BOUND INTO A BOOK”

  1. Could not be more proud, impressed, astounded, inspired and amazed at how far you’ve come in such a short time. You’re an amazing author and role model alike.

    Phil. 4:13