HEROES (Come In Every Shape and Size)

Heroes – Have you ever thought exactly what and/or who a hero really is?  What does he or she do that makes them a hero?  I think the old song by Paul Overstreet pretty much tells the story of a real live hero.

 “He drives into the city

He works hard every day

He finishes up early

So he can get away

‘Cause there’s a blue-eyed kid on second base

Wants Dad to watch him play

And Daddy knows he’s waiting

So he hurries on his way.

Chorus: ‘Cause you know Heroes come in every shape and size

Making special sacrifices for others in her lives

No one gives them medals

The world don’t know their names

But in someone’s eyes, they’re heroes just the same

She rocks her crying baby

She whispers words of hope to help her

husband to hold on

She takes time for the children

Making sure she cares

She’s more than just a Momma

She’s the answer to their prayers.

 No, I don’t pretend to know you

But, I bet it’s safe to say

There’s someone out there somewhere looking up to you today

And they see everything you do

Except for your mistakes

You may not think you measure up

But you got all it takes.

 No one gives them medals

The world don’t know their names

But in someone’s eyes

They’re Heroes just the same!”

We see these Heroes everywhere, every day: The heroic people who got out of their cars on the highway to lift a burning car off a man who was pinned underneath.  A friend posted on Facebook that she met a hero the other day.  She said, “He is a Viet Nam Vet who volunteers at a non-profit organization. The fact he gets up daily and reaches out to others makes him a Hero.”  – I say, indeed it does.  I believe the two men in my book are also Heroes. The young Kuwaiti man who helped an American escape from the clutches of a mad man because it was the right thing to do; The American who in turn, came back to Iraq in the middle of a war to rescue the lady journalist for the same reason, ‘It was the right thing to do.’


One response to “HEROES (Come In Every Shape and Size)”

  1. Right you are, Sonne. All different sizes and shapes, and reasons. Hats off to all the everyday heroes we know. And my hat’s off to you, Fave.