In 2003 my husband, Bill and I retired and moved to the West Coast of Florida. At this point we sold our house and began our adventure as high rise condo owners which we both love.  Our condo is located on the sixth floor of a seven story building, which we also love. By now you’re thinking, if you like it so much there shouldn’t be a problem. But, alas, there is one.  I’m terrified of being stuck in the elevator, in fact I don’t want to be stuck or locked in any room, place or thing that doesn’t have a window, but the elevator scares me the most or at least I thought it did until Friday of this past week December 30, 2011.

Living on the sixth floor makes taking the garbage out a really easy job, no more having to tote garbage cans around the house, down the driveway and to the curb. You simply go out your door, walk about twenty steps down the hall, open the door to a small closet and therein attached to the wall is a pull down door to a chute traveling down six flights to the first floor and a huge garbage bin. All well and good, but you can’t put your recycle items down the chute.  On the first floor there is a garage-like room that contains two huge garbage bins also there are many recycle bins, one for paper, plastics, aluminum, etc.

I store my recycle items in a basket on wheels that I keep inside the trash chute closet. When the basket is full I roll it to the elevator and deliver it to the first floor garbage room. This room is equipped with an outside automatic roll-up garage door. Outside the door a button resides at the top of the door jamb. Push the button it goes up, when you’re finished, push the button once more and down it goes. Remember, all these controls are on the outside.

Friday evening I decide to take my rolling basket of recycled items to the garbage room. I started to get on the elevator without my cell phone, “No,” I said to myself that is not a good idea.  I went back to the condo and retrieved my trusty I-Phone.

All was going as planned. The elevator worked fine. No need for the phone. I pushed the electric door button, it also worked perfectly.  My back to the open door, I was busy sorting and placing the items into the correct recycle bins when all of a sudden I heard the door going down. My first instinct was to stop it, which didn’t work unless I was willing to be smashed by the descending door, I yelled stop to the person on the other side, who evidently didn’t see me or hear me. I still haven’t found out who locked me in there! Better for them if I never do!

Now I’m standing in the middle of this smelly room with garbage coming down the chute from somewhere up above crashing into the large bin at the bottom.  Forgetting for a moment I have a phone with me, what do I do? I PANIC?  Only for a second, well maybe two or three, until it dawns on me, the phone is in my pocket.  I call my husband and the first words out of his mouth, “Are you stuck in the elevator?” “No,” I say, “I’m locked in the stinky garbage room. Come quick and let me out.” Before he hung up, I swear, I thought I heard him laugh. Before he could save me, a couple who were on their way out to eat opened the door to discard their recycles and there I stood. They yelled from fright at seeing a person inside the room and I yelled from delight at being rescued. After my heart quit racing and I could get my breath again, we all had a good laugh! They said this escapade was too good to keep so I decided to share it with all my friends who faithfully visit my website and read my blog page.

I want to take this first day, of the New Year, to say thank you to all who have followed my journey to self-publish and who have helped make the endeavor a successful one. HEROES,  is doing well and it is because of you, my wonderful family, friends, neighbors, and the great people I’ve met through Facebook and the web. You made 2011 a wonderful and a memorable one for me. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all you’ve done and I hope you have a beautiful and happy New Year.



  1. Remind me when I come to visit to not get locked in the garbage room – I know exactly what you are talking about, I have taken stuff there for Uncle Harley and Auntie Gin. I am so happy you were saved!!! Love You!!!