“Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let, 50 cents, you’re a man of means, by no means, king of the road.”

If you happen to be fifty or older you probably remember the above lyrics as belonging to Roger Miller. If you are younger, then you missed a catchy little song, and a huge hit of that era.

We know by Roger’s song that some trailers were meant to live in, but actually there are many different kinds of trailers. There are ones that can be pulled behind a car, such as U-Haul. Pile it full of furniture, boxes or supplies, and pull it anywhere.

There are billboard trailers pulled by trucks, there is something called a trailer bill of sales, and there’s even a man named Trailer, star of a childrens’ show “Rex Trailer’s Boomtown.”

Most of us are familiar with movie trailers, sometimes called clips. We’ve seen these on TV or at the theatre during the previews. What do they tell us? Short and to the point the trailer tells about the story, and the characters.

Being a writer, I’m a little partial to book trailers. Until I began the process of submitting a book for publication, I hadn’t the faintest notion of what a book trailer was. An author friend asked me, if I had thought about one for my website, I hesitated for a few seconds before admitting, “Willie, I don’t know what that is.” “Not to worry,” she said, “I’ll do one for you.” Needless to say I was overwhelmed.

She educated me about a trailer’s importance to selling a book. Somewhat the same as a movie trailer the audience finds out about the story. In one minute the clip gives the overview of my novel, HEROES, in pictures and sound effects. The video trailer makes me want to read it, and I’m the one who wrote the book. I hope it will make you want to do the same. Keep checking my website; you will see the video trailer soon.

A little about the video/trailer creator Wilburta (Willie) Arrowood is not only an author of Christian Romance novels, but she also does book trailers for many authors, adult fiction, plus childrens’ books. To learn more about her books, you can find Willie at her website and if you happen to be interested in trailers, Graphic by Arrow Designs is the place to go.

2 responses to “TRAILERS”

  1. I know Roger Miller’s song and he was about where I am when it comes to trailers! Never heard of a “book trailer” until now, but I can see the need.

  2. I know that song and Im not SOOO old!

    Id never head of a book trailer but thank you, Willie for helping my Sonne in her quest to becoming a published author!