On 2-21-11 I wrote a blog post describing some of the different trailers I knew about. The book trailer is the one I want to talk about today.

Most of us are familiar with movie trailers, sometimes called clips. We’ve seen these on TV or at the theatre during the previews. What do they tell us? Short and to the point, the trailer tells about the story, and the characters. Book trailers are no different.

This trailer video gives an overview of what HEROES is about. Just enough info, at least I hope, to whet your appetite and your curiosity and hopefully make you want to read the book!


I’m really proud of the trailer for HEROES. A one-minute video captures the adventure of my three main characters, Hawk Jameson, Ali Ibrehim and Nicole Summers and lets you ride along with them.  I hope this little tidbit of information makes you want to read the book to find out how these three got from war-torn Kuwait, to Charleston, SC, to Dallas, TX and back to Kuwait .

The creator of my book trailer video,  Wilburta (Willie) Arrowood, is not only an author of Christian Romance, but she also does book trailers for many authors, adult fiction, plus children’s books.  If you happen to be interested in trailers, her company, Graphic by Arrow Designs is the place to go. Contact her via the email link on her website, here.

One response to “HEROES TRAILER VIDEO”

  1. Now that whets my interest! I’m not a reader of novels, generally, but the setting and characters sound interesting. I’ll have to give it a try!

    Good jb on the trailer, ladies!